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        Merchant Ships

      CSIC, one of China's leading shipbuilders,constructs all types of merchant ships. Many high quality vessels built by CSIC yards are operating around the world under both Chinese and foreign flags.

      45,000 dwt chemical/product tanker

      3,000 dwt stainless steel chemical tanker

      5,668 TEU containership

      4,250 TEU containership

      30,000 dwt bulk carrier

      12,300 dwt ro-ro vessel

      Multi-prupose work boat

      Yantai/Dalian Train-Passenger Ferry

      Adress:No.72 Kunminghu Nan Lu,Haidian District,Beijing 100097,China
      Telephone:+(86)(10)88598000 Fax:+(86)(10)88599000
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